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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. We will continue to update this section, and add relevant information as needed.

What language will be spoken during the reviews?

Most reviews will be in English, although many of our reviewers speak a variety of other languages. Volunteer translators may be available, but if you are not comfortable speaking in English, please make your own arrangements to bring along someone to help translate.

For the limited number of 1-day registrants, is there a choice of which days to participate?

Yes, but subject to availability. At registration you will be able to state your preference for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. If appointments are no longer available on your preferred day, we will contact you. If you have a strong preference regarding the day you would like to participate, please register early to avoid disappointment.

What should I present at Lens Culture FotoFest Paris?

It is best to present one or two solid series of your work — as prints, or a book, or multimedia feature. 20-25 prints is probably an ideal amount to show during a 20 minute review. You will want to show your best work, and you will want to be able to talk about it concisely as you introduce it, and then still have time to have a discussion about it with the reviewer.

Some photographers have multiple bodies of work that they may want to show to different reviewers. So they might bring 3 bodies of work, and then choose to show the one body of work that they would like to discuss in particular with a specific reviewer.

Everyone who registers for these reviews should be a serious, mid-career photographer who has exhibited or published work within the past three years, and who is ready for international market exposure. We will prepare some more detailed guidelines to help you prepare. Here is an interesting article about the value of portfolio reviews.

Can I choose which reviewers I want to meet?

A few weeks before the reviews, you will be asked to complete a form that states your preferences for the reviewers you would most like to meet (1st, choice, 2nd choice, etc.). A computer program will generate review schedules for each day that will match as many of your requests as possible. You will not be able to schedule a review with every one of your top picks, but we will try our best to accommodate your requests as well as possible.

What is the Open Portfolio Night?

On the evening of Tuesday 12 November, all photographers who participate in Lens Culture Fotofest Paris for 3 days will have the chance to present their work at a casual, temporary exhibition at Spéos. We will set up long tables to act as temporary presentation areas, and each participant will have a set amount of space in which to lay out and present their work, and an area behind their exhibition where they can stand to talk with anyone who is interested in their work. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get a look at all the work that is being shown during the reviews, and to meet and network with the people you haven’t met through your reviews. (Note: Due to space limitations, only photographers who register for the full 3-day program will be eligible to participate in the Open Portfolio Night).

Are there scholarships available?

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no scholarships available. We are seeking media sponsors and partners who are willing to create a few scholarships.

What else is going on in Paris in November?

Lots! Lens Culture Fotofest takes place in the three days immediately preceding Paris Photo, which is the largest yearly international fair and marketplace for photography. In addition, there will be a multitude of great exhibitions and events everywhere throughout the city. See Paris Photo’s guide “Paris during Paris Photo” for more information.

Don't forget that the times between your formal reviews can be productive. There will be a photographers lounge and computer center for all photographers to hang out and meet each other and show work, network, get advice, check email and so on between their meetings. You are welcome to stay there all day in between formal reviews, if you like. There may also be some "roving reviewers" on hand – unscheduled experts who may be interested in looking at your work whenever the opportunity presents itself.